Catering & Laundry

beauchamp collegeKeeping your child happily fed is a priority, and children at Beauchamp Childcare Centre benefit from us being on the same campus as Beauchamp College’s highly respected kitchens.

The menus are designed by the Beauchamp College director of nutrition, who is also the healthy schools initiative co-ordinator. Their team of highly trained chefs ensure the daily menus are nutritionally balanced, culturally diverse and positively healthy for children.

All the food is made at Beauchamp College using the best quality ingredients, and is low in salt and sugar and has no preservatives or additives. The food is temperature probed as it leaves the kitchens and again at our fully equipped serving kitchen.

Our fully equipped laundry allows us to keep children’s cot sheets, blankets and flannels clean and fresh.

There are plenty of toilets and sinks designed for each age group. There you will also find every child’s toothbrush, as we encourage children to follow good dental hygiene practice.