Vision, Mission & Values

Boy-playing-in-paperOur Vision

Our vision is to aspire to provide leading edge, innovative and creative services for children, parents and carers.
We believe that the service we provide will enable children to develop into confidant, secure, caring individuals who develop a love of learning that will remain with them during their lifetime.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to:

  • Provide a warm, welcoming and secure environment for all children. Encourage, value and extend every child’s contribution to Beauchamp Childcare Centre.
  • Recognise and celebrate success in everyone. Provide a broad, balanced, carefully planned curriculum.
  • Build strong collaborative partnerships with families, the local community and key partners.
  • Encourage and enable the continuous professional development of all staff.

Our Values

    • We are excited when children learn.
    • We encourage through praise and reward.
    • We enable everyone to believe in themselves.
    • We are a mutually supportive community.
    • We get excited when we learn something new. We enjoy challenges and enjoy finding new ways of thinking.
    • It is important that we feel successful.
    • We all feel good about ourselves.
    • We enjoy working as a team and also learn to become independent.
    • We have high expectations.
    • We put our people first.
    • We value everyone.
    • We value lifelong learning.